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Roofs that receive less sunlight are more susceptible to moss growth, which can lead to serious problems. Wet moss is much heavier than dry moss, and with the frequent rain in the UK, this can put a strain on your roof. When the temperature drops in winter, the frozen moss can cause your roof tiles to become brittle, leading to potential damage. Additionally, when the moss spreads from the roof to the guttering, this can impact the building’s resilience to damp, ultimately affecting the structural integrity.

How Do We Clean Roofs?

First, we remove all the moss from your roof using specialist scrapers that are designed for your specific roof tiles. Depending on the height of your roof, we may use a scaffold tower or a cherry picker to ensure we work safely at height and can access all parts of the roof. After the moss has been removed, we apply our soft wash biocide, which kills off algae, lichen, and any remaining moss. This works by puncturing the cell wall of the live biofilm, killing the organism down to the root. The organism then dies and eventually disappears, leaving the surface fully disinfected and extending the longevity of the clean.

What is Soft Wash Biocide?

Soft wash biocide is a fully licensed, powerful, and gentle treatment that kills organic growth and disinfects without damaging surfaces or the environment. It has a low environmental footprint and quickly biodegrades. Once dry, the solution is pH neutral and safe for pets. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to deliver outstanding results, giving you peace of mind that your roof is well maintained and looked after.

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Property Value Can Increase

If you are selling your home roof cleaning can enhance the value

You're Out At Work ?

That’s easy. As long as we have access to an outdoor water supply we can have your drive looking great in no time.

Full Attention To Detail

It’s always the small things that matter. This makes the overall job perfect

No More Weeds Or Stains

All you will be left with is an amazingly clean driveway that you can be proud of

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The best roof cleaners in Basingstoke. Dave done a great job. The whole thing looks like new. A highly recommended local business.

Sylvia Craymore

We had maximum pressure out to do ou roof and it looks fantastic. I would happily recommend their services to anyone.

Jim Blair

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